Anderson School District One

Calculate Your Net Pay
This is only a calculator tool for your personal use as an estimate and is not to be interpreted as a guarantee of what your tax withholdings or net pay will be.
          1.   Print your last Pay Stub from ESS. You will use this to enter all information to verify that you have everything entered correctly and in the correct field.

    2.    Based on your W-4 Status (from your pay stub) as Married or Single please select the Appropriate Calculator listed below for the Pay Schedule you are on. 

    3.    Enter cells highlighted in yellow from your pay stub.

    • Enter your Gross Pay from your pay stub.
    • Enter your W-4 number of Allowances/Deductions for Federal and State Withholdings from your pay stub.
    • Enter your Deduction Amounts from your pay stub into the Table of Deductions as Taxable or Non-Taxable. Using the Deduction List to determine the appropriate column.  These amounts are to be entered as a Positive Number. Do not enter the amount of your Retirement Deduction as this is already calculated in. If you are using a Biweekly Calculator and only have monthly premium amounts be sure to multiply by 12 and divide by the number of pay period. 
    • If you have 401k/403b accounts enter the % deducted in the highlighted field under 401k/403b column heading. Do not enter these under Deductions.

    4.    Verify that you have everything entered correctly by checking to be sure that your Net Pay matches your pay stub. 

    5.    Now you may make changes to your Gross Pay, Federal or State Tax Exemptions, or Deductions to see how it will affect your Net Pay.