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Types of Buses Available for Field Trips or Athletic Travel 

ASD1 uses two types of buses for student transportation - state (yellow) buses and activity (white & green) buses.  Bus oversight is handled by two different departments - ASD1 Transportation for yellow buses and ASD1 Maintenance for activity buses.
State (yellow) buses are primarily used for transportation of students to and from school. 
Activity buses are used for field trips and athletic events but yellow buses may also be scheduled for these events if (a) activity buses are unavailable and (b) the times of travel will not interfere with regular bus routes.  
Travel requests should be entered into ASD1's web-based travel request system.  (Administration designates limited users of the travel request system at each school site. Please see your principal or athletic director to determine the contact person for your school.)  
Once requests are submitted, they are reviewed by the ASD1 Maintenance Department.  If activity buses are available, travel is scheduled.
If activity buses are unavailable, and if the travel will not interfere with regular bus routes, the request is routed to ASD1 Transportation for fulfillment with state (yellow) buses.  
If both activity buses and yellow buses are unavailable during the requested timeframe, e-mail notification will be provided to the requester and/or trip supervisor and revisions will need to be made before resubmitting the travel request. 
If either type of buses have been scheduled, an automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to the requester and/or the trip supervisor. The confirmation e-mail will list all available trip information including bus size, pickup location, time of bus arrival, destination(s), estimated time of return, etc.  No action is required by e-mail recipients once details are verified unless revisions are necessary.
Activity Bus Fleet Details (seating capacity, rates, etc.)  
2016-2017 Activity Bus Rates Per Mile  
(Driver salary fees will not be added. Surcharge will be assessed if applicable.) 
  $2.75 per mile = Large Activity Bus 
  $2.60 per mile = Medium Activity Bus 
  $2.20 per mile = Activity Van
In addition to the per mile fees above, distance and time surcharges will be applied to the invoice when applicable.
    •  Distance Surcharge
             •  $50 will be added for each bus that travels less than 50 miles round-trip.
    •  Time Surcharge
             •  $50 will be added for each bus that exceeds 8 hours of driver time. 
Detailed activity bus information including seating capacity, storage availability, and rates can be found by clicking this link.

 ASD1 Activity Bus Fleet Info & Rates

Activity Bus Invoice / Payment Information 

The driver(s) for your trip will record the activity bus odometer readings and an invoice will be generated after the trip ends based on actual mileage.  Invoices are e-mailed to the bookkeeper at your school for payment.  If the invoice is needed by a particular date, please e-mail this information to ASD1 Maintenance at

Meals for Bus Drivers  (If your activity involves an overnight stay, please refer to the section on overnight trips.)


Schools are not required to provide meals for the drivers unless the bus is being used for overnight travel.  However, if you are packing a picnic lunch or bringing food (i.e. pizza) for the students, we encourage you to include the drivers when possible. This is particularly appreciated if you are dining in a remote location (i.e. Jones Gap State Park) where it is not possible for them to leave the group and purchase their own lunch due to distance, time constraints, parking restrictions, etc.   If you are stopping at a restaurant where the drivers are able to leave the buses and join the group inside, meal provision for the drivers is, again, not required but the courtesy is permitted and certainly always much appreciated when extended.

Using Activity Buses for Extended Day Trips or Overnight Travel 
Pending availability, activity buses can be used for trips that extend beyond the end of the school day or for overnight travel.  As you plan your event, please keep in mind that March and April are historically peak travel times, particularly for athletics.  In order to most effectively share our resources, we ask that you schedule this type of travel for months other than March and April if activity bus usage is desired.
If travel extends overnight, the school is responsible for the driver(s) lodging. The school must make lodging arrangements in advance, with a separate room for each driver, and should make payment upon arrival.  
Cash should be provided at the beginning of the trip for each driver's meals when traveling overnight.  (If the school prefers to be invoiced for meals, please make arrangements with our office at least two weeks prior to the trip.)  The rate of reimbursement for meal provision will be based on the state approved schedule shown on the chart below:


In State

Out of State





















If you have a schedule or event information prepared for your group, please provide this to our office as soon as possible so the driver(s) can review it prior to the trip.  (Information can be e-mailed or sent via Interdepartmental Mail.)  Please also provide us with a mobile phone number where the trip supervisor(s) can be reached during travel.
For more information, please refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" page or e-mail the ASD1 Department of Maintenance.