Key Points

  • The School Improvement Council (SIC) serves as an advisory committee to a school's principal and faculty.
  • Unlike PTA/Os and other voluntary school organizations, councils are mandated by law to exist in every public school in South Carolina.
  • SICs play a key role in the education of our state's children, bringing together parents, educators and community stakeholders to work collectively to improve their local schools.
  • More than 16,000 people serve on SICs in South Carolina.

Key Functions

  • SICs work with the school to develop and implement a five-year school improvement plan (school renewal plan).
  • SICs monitor and evaluate success in reaching the plan's goals and objectives.
  • SICs write an annual report to parents about the progress of the plan.
  • SICs assist the principal in writing the narrative for the School Report Card.
  • SICs advise on the use of school incentive awards and provide assistance as requested by the principal.

2015-2016 HMES SIC Members
President~ Andy Guidici
Secretary~ Rena Herring
 Cindy Hembree
 Dawn Bryant
Laurie Kline
Patricia Childress
Trinity Nix
April Ellenburg
Krystal Palassis
Melissa Cartee
Shane Isbell
Becky Ross
Angela Morris
Carrie Pennington
Torie Tourtellot 

 The HMES School Improvement Council meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:00 a.m. in the Media Center.

 After School Clubs
Arts & Crafts Club 
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